Glass Awards

Glass Awards

An award made of glass is only really something when it has an exclusive design. This way the reward for an achievement, the appreciation of an organization or a person gets the exact the style that you are looking for. The glass awards made by Business Glass are therefore popular within many companies and organizations. We are specialized in special and unique designs, as you can see.

The popularity of our glass awards is also due to the competitive prices we have, that help you to stay within your budget. This allows anyone to order a specially designed award made of glass, to make the desired gesture, while the expense remains limited. Our fast delivery is unprecedented. From idea to sketch, from sketch to trial model, from trial model to product; Your exclusive custom-made crystal awards can be available and delivered in a very short period of time. Would you like to order or ask about one of our glass awards? Contact us now!

Our awards: more than glass only

With modern techniques and thorough knowledge of materials almost everything is possible with making glass awards. You can choose a design created by us, but you can also submit your own ideas. Not only the possibilities in terms of shape and design are very extensive. An award can also get its exclusive character by combining glass with other exclusive materials. Glass can be combined particularly well with stainless steel, aluminium, natural stone and exclusive types of wood. You can find some examples here.

Who buy our glass awards

Many important organisations like to choose for the best quality. They gladly let their award, tombstone or promotional gift be made by us. Think of large organizations such as the Department of Defense, Philips, ABN AMRO, Heineken, Shell. But also smaller organizations can count on the most beautiful glass awards.

Do you honour your event with a worthy award from glass? Business Glass will be happy to assist you and make to the most exclusive glass award that you can get!